Typical 6 Bedroom Unit With Garage Under

(Classical Style)

This design is based on a standard 3 bedroom home to which a loft extension has been added and a further bedroom under the house, increasing the unit to a 6 bedroom home. Two small detached bathrooms are added in the loft, one with a bath and one with a shower. The two loft bedrooms are separated by a TV room/lounge. The main bedroom has an en suite bathroom with one additional bathroom servicing the other two bedrooms on the main floor. A courtyard outside the kitchen, with a bedroom with bathroom, double garage and storeroom underneath the home complete this unit.

Total area 330.88m2
Covered area 321.76m2

Unit 8 is suitable for the following stands:

6 – 16 391 – 393 339
38 411 – 413 352 – 353
74 – 79
93 – 94


Total area 330.88m2
Covered area 321.76m2
Residence lower ground floor 17.81m2
Lower ground floor covered area 20.66m2
Residence ground floor 118.86m2
Residence loft floor 55.03m2
Stairs 11.46m2
Covered Patio 20.66m2
Court yard 9.12m2
Garage 69.48m2
Double volume 7.80m2

(Please note that the illustration is only an Architectural Representation of the look and feel of the design)

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